COVID-19 Solutions

COVID-19 is an opportunity to adapt

COVID-19 has affected us all in ways we would not have predicted. No one has been more impacted than small businesses and LFK Architects is working hard on creating solutions. Case in point are CICIS Pizza and Tiki Taco. The Strip Mall owners had initially asked us to do façade updates to the outside of the buildings. When Covid hit, they asked how they could incorporate outdoor seating to the areas.

The problem: Covid 19 restrictions on inside seating and social distancing rules. So we analyzed the outdoor space, including the parking areas, and created new ways to add outdoor eating areas. The seating and table spacing had to be designed using CDC guidelines for social distancing.

COVID-19 Solutions provided by LFK Architects:

  • Retrofitting existing retail centers – using cost effecting measures
  • Each center is unique – how to expand while still meeting code/ADA and planning department parking
  • requirements

  • How to define new space: planters, railings, etc. to maintain safety
  • Indoor changes: interior conditions with mechanical system updates ie filters, ultraviolet light

Tiki Taco


Tiki Taco (before)


Tiki Taco (after)


Tiki Taco (COVID plan)

CICIS Beyond Pizza

Sidewalk View

CICI Pizza (after)

Aerial View

CICI Pizza (after)
From my experience with LFK Architects, I am confident that their design team can efficiently work with local jurisdictions to achieve project review and approvals while meeting demanding deadlines.

James M Brewer
VP, Divisional Manager
Choate Construction